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Sef Harding is a versatile creative professional with a multifaceted career in photography, videography, and presentation. Sef's journey into the world of visual storytelling has led him through the fast-paced corridors of Formula 1, the glamorous world of entertainment, and the intricate landscape of politics.


His lens has expertly captured the heart-pounding excitement of Formula 1, revealing not only the raw energy of the race but also the human stories that intertwine with the sport. Through his lens, the worlds of fame, power, and influence have been unveiled, shedding light on the dynamics that shape our society.


Beyond the visual realm, Sef 's talents extend to the art of presentation and commentary. He has graced numerous platforms, including his role as a presenter and pundit on renowned media outlets such as BBC 5 Live's "Checkered Flag," BBC Radio Wales, and BBC World News. With a charismatic presence and a deep understanding of his subjects, Sef effortlessly engages audiences, making complex topics accessible and relatable.


Sef's expertise goes beyond the camera lens, encompassing the world of video production. His keen eye for detail and commitment to authenticity are evident in every frame of his work. From crafting compelling documentaries to producing captivating promotional content, Sef's ability to tell stories through moving images has left an indelible mark on the media landscape.


Sef's current project, "We Stand Together," stands as a testament to his dedication to meaningful storytelling. This poignant project is a photography collage that pays homage to the duty and sacrifice within the firefighting community, particularly in honor of the heroes of 9/11.


By collaborating with various fire departments across Southern California, Sef has woven a visual tapestry that captures the heroism, unity, and unwavering commitment of firefighters. Through this project, Sef's lens tells a story of resilience, courage, and the bonds that tie these heroes together in the face of adversity.


With an impressive portfolio that spans industries and continents, Sef continues to inspire and captivate audiences through his artistry. His expertise as a photographer, videographer, and presenter is a testament to his dedication to authentic storytelling and his profound ability to capture the heart and soul of every moment he captures.

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